Computer Related Full Form of Words

Computer Related Full Form of Words– Computer All Word Full Form

Computer Related Full Form of Words or Computer All Word Full Form- विभिन्न परीक्षाओं में कंप्यूटर से related words की फुल फार्म पूछी जाती है so कुछ words की full form यहाँ दी जा रही है।

What is a Computer ?

A computer is a machine that helps you to do things by taking in your input, doing some calculations, and then giving you the answer or results you wanted. There are several different ways to say “computer” – each with its own specific meaning. For example, one word that is sometimes used to describe computers is “alphanumeric.” Another word is “information technology.” Still another word is “computer science.” Each word has a different meaning and application.

The full form of the Computer is
Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research.

Most Important Computer Related Full Forms-

A computer is an electronic device that helps us do our jobs better by following specific instructions. Computers are really helpful when it comes to doing things like typing a document, playing games, or browsing the web. The computer can store data and make changes to it, so you can access it whenever you need it. Our mobile has the ability to do many of the same tasks as a computer, like checking email and browsing the web. It’s really amazing how technology has advanced!

Some common acronyms used on computers are

BAT– Before Automatic Translation

FML- Fixed Length Message

YAHOO!- You are Here

ALU – Arithmetic Logic Unit

ALGOL– Algorithmic Language

ASCII – American Standard Code For Information Interchange

BASIC – Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BCD – Binary Coded Decimal Code

CPU – Central Processing Unit

CAD – Computer Aided Design

COBOL– Common Business Oriented Language

CD – Compact Disk

C-DOT – Center for Development of Telematics

CLASS – Computer Literacy And Studies in School

COMAL – Common Algorithmic Language

DOS – Disk Operating System

DTS – Desk Top System

DTP – Desk Top Publishing

E-Commerce – Electronic Commerce

E-Mail – Electronic Mail

ENIAC – Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer

FORTRAN – Formula Translation

FAX – Far away Xerox

HLLHigh Level Languages

HTML – High Text Markup Language

IBM – International Business Machine

IC – Integrated Circuit

LAN – Local Area Network

LDU – Liquid Display Unit

LISP – List Processing

LLL – Low-Level Language

MICR – Magnetic Ink Character Reader

MIPS – Millions of Instructions Per Second

MOPS – Millions of Operation per Second

MODEM – Modulator – Demodulate

NICNET – National Information Center Network

OMR – Optical Mark Reader

PC-DOS – Personal Computer Disk Operating System

PROM – Programmable Read-only Memory

RAM – Random Access Memory

ROM – Read-Only Memory

RPG – Report Programmer Generator

SNOBOL – String Oriented Symbolic Language

VDU – Visual Display Unit

VLSI – Very Large Scale Integration

WAN – Wide Area Network

WWW – World Wide Web

Computer Related Full Form of Words
Computer Words and Full Form

Types of Computer

There are three types of computer which are given below:

1. Analog Computer

2. Digital Computer

3.Hybrid Computer

FAQs: Computer Related Full Form of Words- Computer All Word Full Form

Q1. What is the full form of ROM?

Ans. The full form of RAM is “Read Only Memory”

Q2. What is the full form of COMPUTER?

Ans. The full form of COMPUTER is “Common Operating Machine Particularly Used Trade Education Research”

Q3. What is the full form of HTML?

Ans. The full form of HTTP is “Hyper Text Markup Language”

Q4. What is the full form of the WWW?

Ans. The full form of UPS is “World Wide Web”

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